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  2. How a Yoga Guru Is Mastering the Consumer Goods Market in India
  3. A Study of Customer Satisfaction Towards Patanjali Dantkanti - Ignited Minds Journals
  4. How Patanjali promotes itself through Digital Marketing?
  5. How a yoga guru created a ₹2,500 crore FMCG business | Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Case Study

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali aims to double its revenue to Rs 10, cr in Business Standard. Fransen, M. The effects of experience-based marketing communication on brand relation and hedonic brand attitudes : The moderating role of affective orientation, in M. Campbell, J. Pieters eds. Gounaris, S. Antecedents and consequences of brand loyalty: An empirical study. Journal of Brand Management, 11 4 , - Gupta, R. Holbrook, M. The experiential aspects of consumption: Consumer fantasies, feelings, and fun.

Journal of Consumer Research, 9 2 , - Iglesias, O. The role of brand experience and affective commitment in determining brand loyalty. Brand Management, 18 8 , - Kabiraj, S. Development of a conceptual framework for brand loyalty: A Euro-Mediterranean perspective. Kahn, B. Measuring variety-seeking and reinforcement behavior using panel data. Journal of Marketing Research, 23, Kapoor, D. Indian Journal of Marketing, 47 1 , 54 - Keng, C. Relationships among brand experience, brand personality, and customer experiential value.

Contemporary Management Research, 9 3 , Khanna, R. Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 15 9. Krishnan, A. A reality check on Patanjali. The Hindu Business Line. Kuenzel, S. Investigating antecedents and consequences of brand identification. Maehle, N. Consumers' perceptions of the dimensions of brand personality.

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Journal of Consumer Behavior, 10 5 , - Mitra, S. Live mint. Moreira, A. The effects of brand experiences on quality, satisfaction and loyalty: An empirical study in the telecommunications multiple-play service market. Innovar, 27 64 , Morgan, R. A consumer-orientated framework of brand equity and loyalty.

International Journal of Market Research, 42 1 , 65 - Myers, R. Classical and modern regression with applications. Boston, MA : Duxbury Press. Nam, J.

Everything about Patanjali. Case study on Patanjali. Success story.

Brand equity, brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction. Annals of Tourism Research, 38 3 , - Oliver, R. A cognitive model of the antecedents and consequences of satisfaction decisions. Journal of Marketing Research, 17 4 , - Patanjali Ayurved makes South India foray. Rawat, J. Emotional association with a brand: A link that lasts in consumers' memory through experience. Indian Journal of Marketing, 44 10 , 51 - Sands, S. The influence of in-store experiential events on shopping value perceptions and shopping behaviour.

Advances in Consumer Research, 35, - Saville, P. What does hold for brand experiences? Schmitt, B. Experiential marketing. Journal of Marketing Management, 15 1- 3 , 53 - Selda, U. A research on the relationship between brand experience and brand name with customer satisfaction. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 1 1 , 10 - DOI: To promote completely modern research centre and treatment facilities for all curable and incurable diseases, solution of mental diseases, naturopathy, Acupressure and Ayurved etc.

To provide and distribute free medicine, clothes food items etc to helpless, poor, downtrodden and underprivileged people and tribal areas. To open special medical camps and hospitals equipped with modern medical facilities. Free and religious Pharmacy, yogic and social duty of Schools and Trusts, research on Yog and Ayurved and conduct and supply to institutional and social activities. To establish a well equipped pharmacy for the manufacturing of ayurvedic medicine so that it will speed up the public service.

Sale and purchase of the medicines.

To get loans from the cooperative society to meet the goal of organization. To construct one of the biggest laboratory for the research work. To grow different kinds of herbal medicines through preservation of different categories of species.


How a Yoga Guru Is Mastering the Consumer Goods Market in India

Conservation, preservation, and different kind of medicinal gardens for it. Construction of green house etc. For the promotion and conservation of herbal medicine a cooperative institution will be formed for the farmers to sow herbal medicines. To generate employment and to increase the purchasing power of farmers and to sale purchase medicines for manufacturing pure medicines. Character building, moral upliftment and knowledge of culture ,awakening of national pride , equitable society, arrangement of study and teaching of Veda, Geeta, philosophy, upnisad, grammar for the welfare of world.

To provide daily weekly, fortnightly, monthly , trimonthly and yearly training to the students of Yog and giving them certificates and prizes. To help them professionally for the healthy and wealthy development of nation. Conducting and constructing institution to spread Indian spiritual knowledge in the world.

  • How a Yoga Guru Is Mastering the Consumer Goods Market in India.
  • Acoustical Signal Processing in the Central Auditory System: Proceedings of an International Symposium Held in Prague, Czech Republic, September 4-7, 1996 (Language of Science)!

To end existing social jealousy and hate, bad deeds, vulgarity, characterlessness, injustice and atrocities. To spread Yog, Ayurved patriotism and create missionaries so that one can rise above communal disparity, caste, creed apartheid to make heaven on earth. To organise personality development camps, exhibition, country wide travel, anniversaries of great people and different progrrammes for students and teachers to instill human values, moral upliftment and patriotism.

  • Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia.
  • Integrated Circuits: Chemical and Physical Processing.
  • University of Patanjali for ayurveda & yoga in Haridwar!
  • Welfare Reform and Its Long-Term Consequences for Americas Poor!

Publication of different monthly, fortnightly and yearly magazines and writing and publication of research books on nationalism, spiritualism, Yog, Ayurved and arrangement of publication, reprinting, original writing, compilation and to spread these Vedic ancient treatise among the general public.

To establish a printing press. To open the free of cost educational institute in rural and backward areas for the females and children below 12 years of age. To open medical and engineering institutes in the area of below 5 lakh population.

A Study of Customer Satisfaction Towards Patanjali Dantkanti - Ignited Minds Journals

To open training and vocational institutes in such areas. To establish employment oriented training institutes for. To provide scholarship to eligible and poor students so that they can be encouraged to grow. To establish cow shelters for the preservation and conservation of weak cows from slaughtering. To encourage people to keep cows and develop their breed. To conduct medicinal research on the curd ghee, cow urine, cow dung for the need of health. To help people in relief works during flood, earthquake, starvation etc.

And to provide complete medicinal facilities and monetary resources free of cost for the development of infrastructure. To perform scientific Yajna for the elimination of environmental pollution to do research on agnihotra and on effect of pollution related diseases on body. To do research and spread the uses of non conventional energies like biogas solar energy, gobar gas particularly in rural areas.

How Patanjali promotes itself through Digital Marketing?

Establishing schools to develop such system of education which incorporates education with Indian culture that will take care of nations economic social and spiritual needs and to work in tandem with such institutions already existing. To develop technology for preparing pesticides from cow urine, leaves of Neem Tulsi and herbs so that to protect environmental from pollution and land infertility which is occurring due to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

To research on such methods of bio farming, agriculture, vermi compost so that bio fertilizers can be used extensively. Construction of tube well pump set pipe line, water tank in the water deprived rural areas. To do research on conservation and preservation of water sources.

To provide health facilities in rural areas for the females and children. Construction of school to enlighten people related to health needs and education particularly to weaker section of the society. To construct roads highway in rural areas where we still do not have pucca roads.

How a yoga guru created a ₹2,500 crore FMCG business | Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Case Study

To develop a plan to prevent road accidents and make a plan to help accident victims. To prepare a plan for the conservation and preservation of national natural resources, water, increasing the fertility of land, tree plantation to get rid of pollution Greenery and sowing of herbs, and mass movement to encourage people to do this.

To establish blood bank for the military men and for the whole humanity particularly for the weak and poor. To organize blood test camps, to provide blood and to encourage society for free blood donation. Organization of group marriage for the marriageable poor and orphaned girls and to help them in establishing their house.