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This Code provides procedures for the conduct and reporting of performance tests of flue gas desulfurization systems FGDS. The application of this Code is limited to the process and equipment employed to remove sulfur dioxides from flue gas or other sulfur-dioxide-laden gas streams. The methodology described may be adapted for assessment of removal of other emissions if agreed to by the parties to the test.

This Code does not apply to removal of sulfur oxides from gases during the combustion process. An FGD system process in which a flue gas containing sulfur oxides passes through an alkaline material but is not saturated with moisture; the gas leaves the reactor at a temperature above the adiabatic saturation, thus producing a dry by-product or dry waste product.

Flue Gas Desulfurization for Power Plant

An FGD system process in which a flue gas containing sulfur oxides passes through an alkaline material and is saturated with moisture, thus producing a wet by-product or wet waste product. An FGD system process that regenerates and recycles the sorption medium.

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Flue gas desulfurization. Gypsum as a by-product The process uses limestone or lime powder to absorb sulfur from flue gas. Contact us. Board and paper Recycled fiber Stock preparation Approach flow system Board and paper machines Services for board and paper Automation for board and paper.

Optimizing flue gas denitrification plant performance using zirconia oxygen analyzers

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Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Wastewater

Should any of these conditions occur the life of the meter will be greatly decreased. Incorrect installation of the meter can also contribute to problems for magnetic flowmeters. In addition to the typical installation consideration for upstream and downstream straight runs, maintaining the velocity of the slurry within certain limits is also important. If the flow rate is too low, below 1.

Wet Limestone Scrubbing Process Description

In a horizontal line this can cause the bottom of the meter to wear out at an excessive rate. Since Yokogawa uses a retained liner and an insertion style electrode that removes the sealing surface from the process fluid, service life is dramatically increased. The potential for slurry noise due to the limestone and gypsum colliding with the electrode is reduced due to ADMAG's flush electrode design. In addition, ADMAG's dual-frequency excitation and further optional enhanced dual frequency excitation provides a stable and more accurate measurement than conventional style meters due to its high frequency sampling rate and its ability to filter out slurry noise.

An ideal installation for the measurement of a limestone slurry is to have the flow running up and to have the operating velocity between 1.

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This keeps the limestone suspended in the water and the wear on the liner to a minimum. The use of a metal hat earth ring can also reduce erosion of the liner by protecting the leading edge of the liner. Where these installation recommendations cannot be met, a ceramic-lined meter should be considered.

The ADMAG ceramic meter would be well suited for such applications due to the abrasion resistance of its liner and the reduction of slurry noise due to the flush and fused platinum electrode.