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  1. A new generation follows the pack as tarot makes a comeback
  2. Card Images from the Tarot Kit for Teens
  3. A Tarot Kit for Teens: A Simple Start to Tarot
  4. Tarot Kit for Teens

Becoming an adept. Reversed Don't do anything rash. It's time to wait and see. Lack of self-confidence. A need to discover inner powers and resources independently.

A new generation follows the pack as tarot makes a comeback

A question of identity. Indecision about educational choices. Need for self-searching to determine right goals. Develop a positive outlook on problems. Unrealistic romantic expectations. A rival for some desired outcome. You are not in a strong position now. Misuse of magical energy. Hidden inner things are becoming clear now. Your intuition is good.

Card Images from the Tarot Kit for Teens

Wisdom is developing. You want to penetrate to the heart of the matter. Keeping one's own counsel.

Having secrets, or someone else keeping a secret from you. A romantic situation requires more understanding. There are puzzles. Factors of which you are unaware. Something is going to be revealed.

A Tarot Kit for Teens: A Simple Start to Tarot

You need insights into others' motivations. A spiritual connection. Reversed A neophyte who is just learning the universal "secrets. Dreaminess and spaciness. Wanting to be alone. Questioning relations and other people's motives. Need to avoid people without spiritual ideals.

Don't ask for more information than you can handle about the situation. You are not in harmony with your inner Self. Partial knowledge is all that is available at this time. Do a reality check on your relationships. Preliminaries to Reading 4. The Wands Spreads for Readings. Email : customerservice InnerTraditions.

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Twin Flame General Reading for Teenagers and Young Adults

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Tarot Kit for Teens

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