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  1. The Comfort Of Strangers (Mix by Rhythm Doctor) | Strut
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Paul Schrader's background couldn't have been more different than theirs. His strict Calvinist parents refused to allow him to see a film until he was The success of the film allowed Schrader to start directing his own films, which have been notable for their willingness to take stylistic and thematic risks while still working squarely within the Hollywood system.

The most original of his films which he and many others regard as his best was the Japanese co-production Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters Short film. This non-dialogue film is The older man is standing next to the younger man, the very model of urbanity, when suddenly.

The Comfort Of Strangers (Mix by Rhythm Doctor) | Strut

Or there is the moment when Mary and Colin awaken from their nap, only to discover. There is always the sense there of a corner not turned, a passage left unexplored, a lost building, a hidden place where unspeakable practices take place.

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The city is so old, so twisted in upon itself, that it has not been tamed and aired and sanitized. It is possible, we feel, that a Robert and Caroline could be living there somewhere, lazily, in languor, venturing out occasionally to the piazzas and cafes to strike up a conversation with pleasant strangers. And what of the father? And the father's mustache?

Comfort of Strangers

The father was a very big man, we know, and he wore a black mustache. And when he grew older and it grew gray, he colored it with a pencil.

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That much we definitely know. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland.


He and a fr From early in the screenwriting process through development and [ Directed by [ Last week, as the Toronto International Film Festival drew to a close, a deal that had been in the rumor stage for a while [ Variety critic Jay Weissberg, who selected the honoree, said that it is not usual that [ By Variety Staff.

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