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The LF field designates the largest size frame that can be passed across the path connecting two end stations. This field is set to the smallest maximum frame size that can be passed across any LAN segment in the path. Source routing requires that the end-nodes determine the path between themselves.

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Each end-node needs to know the destination MAC address and the path that the frame must take that is, the list of rings and switches to reach the destination MAC address. Each source routed frame contains a route information field between the source MAC address and the data portion of the MAC frame. The actual path that a frame can traverse can be composed of up to eight routing descriptors RD , allowing a maximum of seven hops per route. The end node determines the route that a frame travels through the network.

As explorers traverse the network, each end-station looks at the MAC DA or a protocol-specific request to determine if the explorer is intended for itself. If the destination information matches the end station, it responds by returning the frame to the originating end-node by reversing the collected routing information, or via another explorer.

If the direction bit is set, the RDs are read last to first. The end node originating an explorer frame saves the returned RDs and sends future frames indicating that the RD is to be read first to last. To differentiate each frame type, the routing-information indicator RII is used to indicate a frame is source routed or transparently switched.

STEs are sent only on forwarding state spanning-tree ports. Spanning tree frames are only transmitted on SRT and transparent interfaces. Source route only interfaces do not support the reception or transmission of Spanning-tree bridge protocol data units BPDU. One function of an SR switch is to forward all route explorer frames to all of its ports.

In redundant networks where looping topologies exist, the same frame can be sent out the same ports more than once.


This may result in broadcast storms that halt the network. It specifies that the RDs in an ARE frame must be checked to see if the frame has been previously sent on any potential outgoing port. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Video meetings are increasingly important as the workforce grows more distributed and joins meetings from personal devices, The vendor has also brought Webex Calling to its The vendor also released in beta software The Intune mobile device management features that IT can deploy differ based on which mobile OS users run.

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The IBM z Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is seeing early adoption from a diverse array of customers, although OCI's market share remains Home Infrastructure Network software token ring. This was last updated in July Related Terms dynamic spectrum access dynamic spectrum management Dynamic spectrum access DSA , also referred to as dynamic spectrum management DSM , is a set of spectrum utilization techniques Bridge vs. Load More View All Get started. What effect will GbE have on enterprise networks? Pros and cons of buying used networking equipment on eBay What 4 questions can help prepare your network for IoT?

The status of white box networking in the enterprise 3 considerations that can spark modern networking innovations network configuration management NCM Network simplification sounds good, but what does it really mean? Load More View All Manage. What steps should I take in the event of a network failure? IP addressing and subnetting: Calculate a subnet mask from hosts and subnets What's the difference between a router, switch and hub?

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